The world has changed, and so have we.

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

The world is changing. The nature of work is changing. The very notion of “workplace” is being redefined.

The coronavirus pandemic is uprooting lives and businesses. It’s a perfect storm of stress - uncertainty, isolation, dangerously blurring the line between work and home life. This stress can undermine our ability to think clearly, prioritise effectively, manage our relationships, and make smart, informed decisions.

The risk of employee burnout during this time is very real. Working from the kitchen bench while looking after the kids, you can’t always see if your team is ok. You may not even know that they (or you) are approaching burnout - until it’s too late.

Pioneera is here to help your people working from home and the office.

We’ve been talking with a lot of business owners lately. One of their biggest concerns right now is the mental health of their people.

Whilst it’s the perfect storm of stress, it’s also the perfect time to look for new solutions.

That’s why Pioneera is committed to helping businesses prevent the effects of stress on their remote workforce, to improve wellness and support productivity during this difficult time.

Here’s how.

Real-time insights into team stress means less time stressing and more time doing.

Pioneera founder Danielle Owen Whitford with the team working remotely from their homes around Australia.

Pioneera founder Danielle Owen Whitford with the team working remotely from their homes around Australia.

We’ve been working hard to ensure our AI wellness bot, Indie, is 100% ready to support your people working remotely when they need it most.

An advanced AI bot, Indie sits quietly and securely in your team communication channels looking for early signs of stress in language and behaviour. You’ll know when stress is on the rise in your teams and how to beat it.

Indie helps:

  • Companies: make insight-driven decisions to help reduce risk, support your people, and achieve better results.

  • Leaders: get real-time insights on your team’s stress to help boost productivity and wellness.

  • Individuals: get real-time help when you’re stressed to help you feel more in control. Personalised, confidential and just-in-time.

Indie is 100% work-from-home ready:

  • Connects to your Slack or Microsoft Teams channels in a few minutes.

  • Requires minimal onboarding and training.

  • Data is confidential and secure.

  • Secure login to view dashboard insights remotely.

  • Supports companies from 2 - 200,000 people working remotely.

Check out Indie to see how we can help support your people working from home or in the office.

Connect Indie to your communications.
It takes less than 5 minutes.