Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) on a solution like Indie?

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6:1 - For every $1 you spend, you earn $6 in return.

It sounds too good to be true, but it's not a Pioneera statistic! It's from a Deloitte study from January 2020, "Mental health and employers Refreshing the case for investment", which lists the return for solutions like Indie at 500-600%.

Contact us today to learn how Indie helps teams and organisations improve wellbeing, boost productivity, and reduce burnout.

What is Pioneera’s purpose and mission?

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Our purpose is to unleash everyone's potential to be happier, healthier and more productive at work. Working towards a world where burnout is a thing of the past is what gets us out of bed every morning!

That's why we are on a mission to use the best of science, technology and innovation to detect, measure and impact chronic stress and positive productivity in workplaces.

How does Indie contribute to addressing and preventing workplace burnout?

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Indie was developed to detect and act on subconscious behaviours by delivering nudges. Indie uses NLP and sentiment analysis to assess language in written text.

We’ve partnered with psychologists and behavioural experts to score language based on linguistic markers, which helps Indie pick up on stress and wellness levels in real-time so that she can pro-actively help individuals and organisations. Just like a spellchecker enables you to spell, Indie allows individuals, teams, and companies to address chronic stress and burnout issues in the team before it escalates into damaging productivity and wellbeing. 

Indie is a world-first in applying language detection to mental health to prevent and manage issues proactively.

What is sentiment analysis?

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Sentiment analysis identifies emotional tone and opinions within the text. It’s an essential part of natural language processing (NLP) that works on multiple levels to extract insights from documents, paragraphs, and sentences.

To learn more, check out this article.

What is NLP?

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Natural language processing (NLP) uses machine learning to reveal the structure and meaning of the text. With natural language processing applications, organisations can analyse text and extract information about people, places, and events to understand social media sentiment and customer conversations better.

NLP is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI). It allows computers to understand text and spoken words in much the same way human beings can. It also helps machines automatically process and understand the human language to perform repetitive tasks. Examples include machine translation, summarisation, ticket classification, and spell-check.

*Sources: Google Cloud & IBM

Is Indie backed by science?

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100%. We have reviewed (and continue to review) all the research available - hundreds of research pieces and scientific articles, representing decades of research on NLP, sentiment analysis, AI and the application of language detection to mental health to prevent and detect issues proactively.

The thresholds used in our engine for stress, recovery and wellness are based on studies from Australian universities. Nudges from our AI bot Indie are provided by Dr Michelle McQuaid, a behavioural psychologist and author of the world-renowned PERMA-H wellbeing methodology.

We continue to work with research bodies and industry leaders (check out our partners and advisors here) to leverage the steady increase in the volume of scientific evidence available to refine and improve our solutions. Given that this is a new era, we are building an evidence base with some of the most well-respected universities in Australia, including Sydney and Newcastle, as well as several government departments, to measure the impact of Indie on an organisation’s productivity and wellbeing.

How does the pricing for access to Indie work?

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We cater for businesses of all sizes. At less than half the cost of a daily coffee per employee, Indie will make your business thrive.

We have three different plans available. Our most popular plan is the PRO plan at a monthly cost of $29 per employee. In this plan, Indie supports individuals and managers with tailored stress & wellness insights (in real-time!) and coaching tips for each.

Contact us for pricing details.

Can an AI bot be as good as a human coach?

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Absolutely. Our AI bot Indie uses an evidence-based approach designed by psychology, organisational design and behavioural science experts. 

Indie is built to pick up on subtle, early signs of workplace stress and help people before things escalate. Indie helps to maintain workplace mental health and productivity, and unlike humans, Indie never gets tired or needs a break. This solution is lightning fast and always there when it is required.

Over time, people learn to recognise extreme language as an indicator of stress. However, early intervention requires a broader, faster, and more subtle assessment.

With more than 5M scored words as indicators of stress and wellbeing, Indie is leading the way! Indie operates with complete privacy and confidentiality in your comms channels and has far more capacity to help a stressed individual than any manager, colleague or coach.

Indie leverages a library of more than 850K phrases that are critical in picking up early warning signs. These warning signs trigger nudges to team members that provide early intervention to avoid harmful stress and burnout. 

Indie is changing the way we manage stress in the workplace. Any screen-facing team with internet access can now access life-changing tips and insights on identifying red flags early on, enabling them to prevent reaching crisis mode. Indie allows workplaces to thrive and helps individuals be their best selves.

What positive employee and team results can Indie generate?

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Post use of Indie, one of our customers reported the following outcomes:

  • Employee engagement increased by 10% to 93% in one year;
  • Increase in discussion/collaboration and general support of mental wellbeing;
  • More decisive on-the-spot action is taken;
  • Identification of key stress areas to improve - such as team meetings, covid calls, return to office preparation, etc.

The outcomes will vary depending on the individual strategic focus of each business as well as the dedication of managers and champions to support company-wide use of the platform. 

The best results have been achieved by customers who have adopted our proven onboarding process, utilised the extensive resources available to communicate and brief their teams and have appointed a group of “champions” to drive the use of the platform and embed it within the company culture & processes.

During onboarding, we complete an initial baseline assessment with all new users to ensure success measures and key KPIs are monitored by our team. At the end of our onboarding process, we follow up with a final assessment to ensure the organisation was onboarded successfully and to report on the preliminary value that Indie has generated during the early stages of adoption.

The Pioneera promise

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Everything we do is to help people create great, healthy workplaces. 

We have worked closely with customers for over three years to truly understand how we can best help companies of all shapes and sizes. Our pricing plans offer flexibility in how you work with us - from leading things yourself to having us work with you to embed Indie. We’re here for you.

How long does it take to see results?

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Most customers have told us that they began to see results after a few weeks of using Indie. 

However, it is essential to note that it depends on how the company uses Indie. Like anything, if you look at your insights and follow the recommendations Indie suggests, you’ll see results very quickly, and if you don’t, then the results will be limited.

Who has been involved in the design and development of Indie?

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Our core team consists of leading experts, technology experts and leaders of large-scale transformation & change. We have teamed up with more than 20 professionals, advisors, partners and consultants in the development of Indie, including experts in psychology, AI, machine learning, coaching, organisational design and behavioural science.

We are working with several universities across Australia that are conducting independent research projects on the impact of Indie’s intelligent coaching nudges and the quantifiable link between wellbeing and productivity for both large and small organisations.

We have more than 100 years of combined relevant experience at the service of our customers.

How is Indie different from other productivity or employee wellbeing tools?

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Indie’s key differentiator is the absence of surveys, interruptions to daily work activities, and the delivery of just-in-time support. Our AI-bot connects to your company’s communication systems, assesses language in real-time, and sends intelligent nudges to the user. 

Indie is easy to implement, is system agnostic and ensures privacy and security of the highest level.

We are carving out an entirely new market segment that combines and links productivity and wellbeing software AND uses language detection as a world-first to address mental health issues.

Our technology empowers managers to become effective leaders through evidence-based tools that improve performance and wellbeing. We also promote self-leadership in employees, helping them increase self-awareness to self-regulate and operate in a ‘zone of optimal performance'.

Indie offers a unique integration between science, psychology and technology, inspired by human-centred design to drive behavioural change. Aside from providing advanced stress and wellbeing analytics to support decision-making processes at all levels, Indie offers actionable solutions. Data + action = the winning combination!

In other words, we provide real-time, actionable performance and wellbeing data to accelerate growth in your business.

What support does Pioneera provide to customers?

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We take pride in our world-class customer support and ensure every user gets the most out of Indie. You can choose what level of support suits you.

From the very start, we provide customised onboarding and implementation support to increase user adoption and benefit realisation.

The top-level package includes training and ongoing coaching for super users (a.k.a “champions”) and managers to ensure they become experts in our platform and tools. We use this time to ensure Indie is connected and supporting organisational programs, such as cultural programs, well-being and safety.

How long does it take to set up Indie?

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The technical installation is simple and takes a few minutes to set up. We then pull in two weeks of historical data so that Indie can start analysing and set a baseline. You will begin seeing custom insights in your dashboard within a few hours after connecting with Indie.

In the 1-2 weeks before your organisation rolls out Indie, we work closely with upper management to map out where Indie will sit in the company-wide strategy and what the critical success factors will be to integrate the solution within the broader company culture. Training templates and comms are included, so managers have all the necessary tools. 

We want you to be able to properly brief your team members on the purpose of Indie and the importance of wellbeing to your organisation.

Which communication tools does Indie connect with?

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Indie is currently able to connect with Slack and Microsoft Outlook

Indie will be enabled within Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace very soon. If you want to be kept in the loop of these releases, email us at and we’ll contact you for our beta rollout!

Who can install Indie into my organisation?

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Only a company admin can set up Indie and select users. As Indie connects to your company’s comms tools, the person installing Indie needs to have admin access to your Slack or Microsoft environments.

How safe is data within Indie and Pioneera?

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We keep your data secure using the latest cloud technologies and security principles, and we are heading towards ISO27001 standards compliance. We aim to be more secure than any business we serve. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, with strict user-level access control as to who in our or your organisation can see what data. We only store the absolute minimum data we need to provide insights for you and your team, and we are fanatical about ensuring privacy for the individual above all else.  

For more information, check out our Privacy Policy page.

When and how do I pay?

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You can get started with Indie without providing any credit card information. It's important to note that you must be an organisation's admin to roll out Indie.

Once you've connected to Indie, one of our admins will be in touch to set up your recurring billing. You can choose whether you would like to be invoiced monthly or annually (payments are required in advance of each billing cycle).

Can I change or cancel my plan at any time?

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As a company admin, you can change or cancel your subscription whenever you like; however, we do not offer refunds for a billing period you’ve already paid for. Indie will remain available to you and your teams until the end of your billing period.

How does Indie help to identify stress and why should I use it?

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Indie uses AI and machine learning to identify the early warning signs of stress and wellness and to provide proactive, preventative support. 

Indie provides individual stress patterns, trends and recommendations as tips to help you reduce stress. There is no need to search for help - it's all in one spot. If stress is identified and addressed early, it's much easier to manage and maintain wellness.

What do I do with the insights/tips from Indie?

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Follow the tips that Indie sends you. You can access them in 2 ways:

  1. They’ll be a direct message to you from Indie in your company’s communication system [Slack/Microsoft/Google];
  2. They will be in a real-time dashboard that you can access anytime. Go to and access everything you need.

When in your dashboard, take note of your stress and wellness trends - particularly the best and most challenging days and consider what happens on those days. 

Potential triggers for work stress could be: 

  • Particular or regular meetings or events; 
  • Certain situations or people;
  • Changing job roles;
  • Tight deadlines requiring overtime and weekend work;
  • Return-to-the-office announcements;
  • Internal restructures;
  • And so on.

Observing these trends can provide insight into triggers of stress/wellness, and Indie’s recommendations will help address this. Keep implementing the tips, and you will notice improvements in your health!

How does Indie maintain my privacy? I don’t want anyone to see my data.

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Individual privacy is Indie’s No 1 focus. We have built the system from the ground up to maintain personal privacy. We did lots of user testing before we built the product so people could trust it and tell us what they found most important. 

Here is how your data is managed by Pioneera:

  1. Individual data is only accessible by the individual. Nobody else - none of their managers, peers, HR or other parts of the organisation can see personal data and insights;
  2. Team data is ONLY available in groups of 7 and above. That way no individual can ever be identified or targeted in the data;
  3. The system is transparent, so as soon as Indie is added to the company she says “Hi”. That way she can’t be in the background without users knowing it;
  4. We hold all the insights in our cloud system - it's not held in the company/customer system. Pioneera has significant high-grade encryption to protect each individual;
  5. Indie assesses and scores language using our proprietary scoring system. No humans see or score the data.

How does Indie know that I’m stressed?

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Indie uses both linguistic and behavioural analysis. This includes sentiment analysis, specific words used in the workplace context and a range of linguistic cues. 

This is evidence-based and grounded in science. We undertake continual research to improve Indie. We’ve been testing this for more than 4 years now and focus on continual improvement.  Research with the University of Sydney and the University of Newcastle to understand the link between stress/wellness and productivity is regularly conducted so that Indie can help you be at your most productive and your best self at the same time!

Will my manager be able to single me out in the data?

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Your manager cannot identify you in the data. We ensure all data is in groups of 7 and above. Group data is unavailable for teams of less than 7 people.

What information does Indie tell my manager?

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Indie provides your manager with expert leadership tips to help them support you and your team to reduce stress, promote wellness and create a great place to work. Indie knows that managers are often juggling a lot, so she helps your manager quickly identify and do things to help the team. We’ve had great success with managers changing things that were causing stress, such as the timing and structure of team meetings!

What does Indie share with my organisation about me?

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We provide broad, aggregated trends to your company, so they know what to do to help you without you having to constantly ask. Your company cannot see your data or how you are tracking, that is only available to you. We keep your data safe and private.

Who else can view my data?

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Nobody. We will start to look at the industry and social trends over time, and we’ll aggregate the data so you are never identified in it.

Does Pioneera sell my individual data to a third party?

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No. Never.

Will I have access to my data when I leave the company?

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That is for your company to decide, as they have bought the product from us.

Can I choose not to use the platform?

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Yes. We hope you do use the platform and you can choose how you engage with the platform, insights and recommendations. Your company may choose to have you as part of the aggregated and anonymised team data - that is something you will need to discuss with your manager if you are concerned.

Does Indie replace my company’s EAP or other HR programs?

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No, Indie is here to complement and support your company programs, like training and EAP. In the future Indie will connect to EAP programs in an automated way, so you can easily and seamlessly flow from one to the other.

Can I use Indie outside of work?

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Indie works when you do, inside your company’s communication systems (email or chat). We plan to enable Indie so you can choose to connect to your personal email/chat etc and get support both inside and outside of work. 

Indie’s coaching is built to help you create awareness around your stress and wellness triggers - nothing is stopping you from applying this knowledge to your personal life!


How do I help my team build trust in an AI chatbot?

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Open and transparent communication is the key to supporting people to build trust and feel safe using Indie. That’s why the very first step in implementing Indie within an organisation is for senior leadership to brief all managers and team members that will be using Indie. 

This happens before Indie gets connected to any company collaboration systems (email or chat).

We have a range of communication materials we can share with you, and our user experience includes onboarding emails from Pioneera introducing the key benefits and value of using Indie.

Privacy is our No 1 focus. We have built the system from the ground up to maintain privacy and confidentiality. We did lots of user testing before we built the product so people could trust it and tell us what they found most important.

Here is how data is managed by Pioneera:

  1. Individual data is only accessible by that person. Nobody else - their manager, peers, HR - or even us - can see the raw data;
  2. The team data is ONLY available in groups of 7 and above. That way no individual can ever be identified in the data;
  3. The system is transparent, so as soon as Indie is added to your company she says “Hi” to everyone. That way she can’t be in the background without employees knowing about her;
  4. We hold all the insights in our cloud system using military-grade encryption;
  5. Indie assesses and scores language using our proprietary scoring system. No humans ever see or score the data.

We also recommend you use the group data regularly - discuss the patterns and trends with the team to see if there are ways you can address them together. It’s a great collaboration tool and collaboration is a great way to build mental wellness and resilience!

How is Indie different from any other survey tool?

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Indie does not use surveys! We use passive language analysis, which is as close to real-life as you can get. Indie gives you the insight to help you help your team better. 

As Indie sits “passively” in the background, she’s running all the time and does all the work for you. This is why it’s real-time understanding. 

In our experience, the teams with the greatest success rate after implementing Indie, have identified one or more champions. This could be wellness or engagement or a data champion, and they take carriage of the data and the system. They use the data, implement the tips and generate collaboration. This is when we see the best results! If you choose the pro or enterprise plan, our expert team at Pioneera works with those champions to embed Indie in your company for the greatest wins.

Can I see the personal data of the individuals in my team?

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No, you cannot see individuals, just like your manager can’t see your data. This is critical to keep individuals safe and enable them to thrive. You can see patterns and trends in the team and collaborate with the team to find solutions.

What are some best practices that other managers use with the data in Indie’s dashboard?

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We have seen a manager from one of our clients change the timing and structure of their team meeting after Indie helped them identify that it was causing stress, and as a result, the stress dissipated. 

Another CEO was led to understand the value of an “all-hands” meeting to engage their team. Another company gained incredible wellness results after an emotional intelligence workshop. 

We have also witnessed a technology leader obtain increased wellness after a hackathon, so she ran it again to quantify the value to the team. 

Other challenges to employee mental health and wellbeing have been:

  • the stress related to return-to-the-office briefings after Melbourne’s extended Covid lockdown;
  • the impact of poorly run workshops on the team;
  • the effect a stressed CEO had on their team at 7 pm through their communication. 

All of these leaders used the data to repeat the things that were working well or to change what wasn’t. 

We are proud to say that all teams have significantly improved their workplace wellness as a result! Here are two case studies from ANZ and Lotus People if you’d like to learn more best practices and read some practical examples.

Can I share my team's data with others?

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You choose how you use your team’s data. We would recommend you’re clear with your team as to how you’ll use it. A great way to share your team’s data is in team meetings and 1-1s so that your team members can see how leadership is utilising the data to make positive changes!

Are there creative ways to analyse the team data?

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You can create as many sub-groups as you wish, as long as the group size is 7 or above. We have seen customers create groups to support new employees, different functional areas/project teams, different geographies or a range of areas. Essentially you can look at your data in multiple ways that serve you and your team best!

How to Connect Coach Indie to Microsoft Teams

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  1. Paste your unique sign up link from your manager into your browser 

  2. Sign in to your work Microsoft Teams account 

    MS Sign in-2

  3. Complete your onboarding questions

    Welcome page-1

  4. In your account, go to your personal settings, click ‘Connect Indie’ 

    Personal settings-1

  5. This will open up the Indie Microsoft Teams app, click 'Add' 

    Teams app

You're all set! If you're still having issues, email us at

Slack - How to get started

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Admin guide

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User Guide

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