The Science

A LOT of science and data backs our products. Pioneera has partnered with leading psychologists and behavioural experts to ensure a data-driven and scientific approach to our AI solution Indie.
The science behind AI Chat Bot Indie

Backed by scientists

We have scoured the globe for industry-leading professionals who believe in Indie’s potential to change workplaces and lives. They bring their expertise and curiosity to make sure Indie helps you every day.

Our Experts

Kris White

A behavioural psychology expert who specialises in helping technology support and enhance people and their lives, Kris has worked with business, Government and social organisations to change behaviour using technology.

Professor Lynn Crawford

Professor at the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership and Director of Education for the School of Project Management and the University of Sydney. Lynn's ongoing research includes project-based competence, productivity, teamwork, well-being and governance.

Dr Michelle McQuaid

A best-selling author with over 25 years of experience helping organisations improve resilience and wellbeing by translating research in positive psychology and neuroscience into practical actions to help people and workplaces thrive.

The efficiency of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Indie uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to assess language in written text. We’ve partnered with psychologists and behavioural experts to score language based on linguistic markers, which helps Indie pick up on stress and wellness levels in real-time so that she can proactively help you and your team thrive.

Sentiment Analysis

Simply put, sentiment analysis identifies emotional tone and opinions within text. It’s an essential part of natural language processing (NLP) that works on multiple levels to extract insights from documents, paragraphs and sentences.

These insights help businesses problem solve internally for themselves and for their customers.

Analysed words and phrases

Harmful stress is contagious. When gone unchecked, it can spread like wildfire through your workplace, causing disdain and dissent. And it spreads quickly, doing irreparable damage before you realise it.

Stress impacts health, well-being, and productivity and can result in you having a terrible day.

Love the science?

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