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Be there for your team with a little help from our friendly AI bot. Indie is private, easy to install and always ready to reach out to your team members when stress increases.
Indie - Employee Stress Management Tool

85% of the professional workforce is stressed out

We know when your team is under pressure, even when they are remote. Indie will help you with tips and insights to make sure your people have the opportunity to recover and don't hit burnout.

By helping to manage the stress levels of your team, you can avoid common problems that present with stressed-out employees, like absenteeism, disengagement and high turnover.

Leaders love additional team support from Indie

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“Indie gives our business meaningful insights into the wellbeing of our staff. Having this data at our fingertips, helps us to make decisions that improve staff morale and productivity.

The customer service is amazing and we are learning so much from the team at Pioneera!”

Hollie Lipczynski, PHSA
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“Indie has been a great tool to use within the business here at Lotus People.

By having Indie, this has allowed us to monitor the stress levels of the team and notice the patterns, to try and avoid burnout, which is all so common within recruitment industries.”

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“Our usage of Pioneera is ultimately reflected in my team's 93% employee engagement score, which is much higher than our company average and up 10% from last year.”

Alicia Aitken, ANZ
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“Indie has been both great fun and insightful for the team. It's the little things in communication or lack of it that we don't notice when we're messaging and working remotely. They inform us and shape team culture.

Having Indie has made us be even more active on team engagement, well-being and happiness. The X-ray of sunshine.”

Nathalie Rafeh, Splashup
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“Indie has been a great tool to turn to on tough days, to help us step back, take a breath and check out her tips to see what we can be doing to engage a better wellbeing individually and as a team!

We are excited to see the trends as the year goes on, and continue to implement what we can to keep us not only hitting goals, but doing so with a smile!”

Sarah Lunders, Lotus People
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“Indie is such a great innovation - we used it to see when as a team we were at our best but more importantly when tensions were running high or people were frustrated.

Just knowing when people are under pressure, particularly with increased remote working is very valuable.”

Anthony Justice, UNO
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“The Melbourne lockdowns happened so quickly we had to adapt our ways of working. Luckily we had Indie in our Slack channels which enabled us to not only stay connected with our team members, but on top of our mental health and wellbeing by accessing our Indie Dashboards.”

Sam Todero, ANZ
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Get powerful insights into the mental health of your team

Indie uses world-first technology that offers what other occupational wellbeing tools cannot - real-time analysis of people’s stress using machine learning.

Find out what time of day your team feels most under the pump. Discover what occurrences lead to rising stress levels and get leadership tips in real-time to improve your working environment. Privacy is our top priority! So you can rest assured that your team’s data remains confidential.

Harness The Power of More Than 6M Data Points

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Indie - Employee Sentiment and Stress Analysis Tool

How Indie works

Easily connect Indie to your daily communication channels, such as Slack, Microsoft or Google.

Through NLP (natural language processing) and sentiment analysis in written text, Indie picks up and acts upon stress & wellness indicators in real-time. Find out more about how Indie works

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