Indie’s Security

We are obsessed with privacy and built Indie with high-grade encryption to ensure that your personal data is safe, confidential and secured. And most importantly that it can only ever be accessed by YOU. Your manager and company can not see your individual insights.
Security and Encryption of Indie

Bank-level encryption

“Bank-level” refers to AES-128 encryption. The global encryption standard was established to comply with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) that govern the handling of sensitive data. It offers 128-bit block encryption via cryptographic keys and is the standard for Global Banking usage.

Our bank-level encryption is also used by

Keeping your data private

When we first started Pioneera, we interviewed lots of people working in small, medium and big companies. And they all said the same thing:

“I love that my company wants to help me, but I don’t want my manager to see that I’m stressed, so I’m not picked on or discriminated against”. 

So we built Indie to keep individual data safe and private.

Team information will not identify you

Team information will ALWAYS and ONLY ever present in a way where individuals are not identifiable.

We provide macro trends, themes and insights to help managers understand their team, help them reduce stress and be better leaders.

Best of all, Indie provides tips to leaders in real-time, so high-performance leadership is delivered right when needed.

Individual information stays safe

Individual information is available to you, in the way that best suits you. When your company buys Indie and you sign in, Indie immediately gets to work.

Indie helps you in two ways - she sends you confidential "nudges" through a DM in your chat channel or through your live dashboard.

Only you get to access your personal insights, and you can decide if and how you engage with Indie. We will always keep you anonymous.

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