6 must-haves for healthy work-life integration (from business leaders)

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

In our era of hybrid work, the balance between work and life can fall out of whack. This stress can affect job performance, relationships, and physical and mental health. So how do you integrate work and home life and still achieve a level of harmony without competing elements crashing in on you?

We reached out to busy (still smiling!) business leaders to find out.


“Make and commit to them. There is no dress rehearsal in life and so be clear about what you will and will not do. Defend it ferociously and review it frequently.”

- Damien Messina, Investment Program Director

“You need to know boundaries but also understand what integration means, and be able to share this with work and family alike.”

- Nathan Moyes, GM at Virtual Business Partners

“Set your boundaries, make it clear to others what they are, and don’t apologise for those boundaries. For instance, when I was in Corporate life, I made it clear that I would be picking my son up from football training - and that is what I did.”

- Ron Arnold, Managing Director at 11eight


“Acknowledging how you’re feeling - whether that’s good or bad, and being kind to yourself. Don’t engage in negative self talk but be your own best supporter.  Embrace your imperfections. Think about the possible, not the perfect outcomes. We all do so much better when we feel confident, so give yourself that gift. And apply the same principle to others.”

- Anna Fitzgerald, Founder at The Wonderfull Project & Fintech CMO

“Some days you just aren’t as productive as others. You can beat yourself up - or you can finish the bare essentials quickly and go have some fun.”

- Kylie Frazer, Co-Founder and General Partner at Flying Fox Ventures


“I believe in having a clear guiding philosophy for our lives that reflects who we are and our values. Knowing ourselves means we can show up in demonstrating our values, be brave even when things are tough, and not feel lost or powerless.”

- Anna Fitzgerald, Founder at The Wonderfull Project & Fintech CMO

“Be really clear about your work purpose and make sure the majority of your work is focussed on that.”

- Ron Arnold, Managing Director at 11eight

“Everyone has different reasons for working. Like boundaries, make sure you know what yours are, commit to them, defend them and review as frequently as required. They will most certainly change from time to time.”

- Damien Messina, Investment Program Director

Healthy body, healthy mind

“I have found that the three things we all know, but sometimes struggle to implement, are the things that truly shape my ability to be at my best at home and at work (just like any athlete) – exercising in the morning, eating nutritious meals, getting eight hours sleep.”

- Tiffany Slater, Leadership Coach, AFR BOSS Young Executive 2020.

“Somehow exercise always puts everything in perspective. I do it everyday. More if needed!”

- Anna Fitzgerald, Founder at The Wonderfull Project & Fintech CMO

“Exercise. I find time to do this every day. I love running and swimming. If I’m running, I’ll unwind with one of my favourite podcasts, and if I am swimming it’s a full digital detox. Healthy body, healthy mind.”

- Danny Levy, MD, APAC at Worldwide Business Research Insights

Digital detox

“Phone and emails off during family time - Honestly, I’m terrible at this. I need to get better at being 100% present. I’ve started putting my phone away from when I knock off until the kids are in bed.”

- Russ Macumber, Strategy Director & GM at Impressive Digital

“No devices in the bedroom except my Apple Watch (because it’s my alarm and I need to charge it overnight). As we know, using devices before bedtime makes it harder to go to sleep and reduces the quality of sleep. If you’re lucky enough to share a room or a home with someone, make them your device accountability buddy and do the same for them.”

- Alan Jones, Startup Founder Coach and Angel Investor


“Understand it is not about work-life balance, it is about work-life trade-offs. So be very clear and comfortable about the work-life trade-offs you are making. The more time you spend at work, the less time you spend with your family, friends and loved ones.”

- Ron Arnold, Managing Director at 11eight

“I have two girls, 5 and 8. Making time to hang out with them, take them to school, play, is so important. This is what it’s all about. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

- Danny Levy, MD, APAC at Worldwide Business Research Insight

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