Introducing the Positive Productivity Score (PPS)!

Written by Chanie Hyde

At Pioneera, we believe it's time to shift away from the negative "working harder = more productivity” mindset that can lead to increased stress and burnout. 

We’ve developed a groundbreaking solution to increase productivity by focusing on well-being. This means we can reduce turnover costs and tackle the toxic productivity crisis head-on.

We call it Positive Productivity, where ‘improved well-being = more productivity’.

Introducing the Positive Productivity Score (PPS)!

We’re looking for organisations to help us prove the effectiveness of this exciting new metric in conjunction with Sydney University researchers.

  • Step 1: Together, we set a productivity benchmark for your organisation with an initial survey. 
  • Step 2: (Optional) Once we have your benchmark data, we conduct focus groups to better understand any key dimensions and highlight opportunities for improvement.
  • Step 3: We check progress against the benchmark in June 2024 next year. You’ll be able to connect the metrics to financial performance, including retention and productivity and use all this valuable data for your annual reports - win-win!

The PPS measures well-being, and safety and identifies the costs of lost productivity, plus you can identify and support at-risk groups early on. Finally, it provides the reliable data you need for ESG reporting.

Help us test the Positive Productivity Score! 

We would love to show you how Positive Productivity will help you unlock productivity improvements in your organisation and improve psycho-social safety and well-being. 🙌

Please indicate your interest by entering your details below, and we will be in touch very soon!

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