Pioneera secures $345k grant  to commercialise AI-based mental health tool

Written by Anna Fitzgerald

Pioneera has received $346k in matched funding support from the Australian Government under the Entrepreneurs’ Program Accelerating Commercialisation service to support the development of the Coach Indie mental health tool for enterprise customers. 

Pioneera employs AI and linguistic analysis to detect and enhance mental health in the workplace by providing real-time personalised nudges and coaching through the AI bot ‘Coach Indie’. The service is exclusively available through an opt-in approach, ensuring privacy and establishing user trust.

The funding grant of $346k will be used to deliver enterprise-grade reporting for customers.

Pioneera’s Commercialisation Facilitator, Vanouhi Nazarian, said: “We often see early-stage companies claiming to use AI to solve problems; however, the data sets they rely on are limited, resulting in poor quality recommendations. Pioneera’s algorithm has been trained over several years, scoring millions of words with baseline modelling and information scored by recognised experts working in linguistics, providing an excellent head start”.

“It is wonderful to get the support of the Federal Government to strengthen our enterprise offering and support Australian technology so we can share our vision globally,” said Pioneera Founder and CEO Danielle Owen Whitford.

“We’re hoping one-day workplace stress and burnout will be a thing of the past. Our platform enables companies to measure better and support the wellbeing of their people and managers and improve their overall human capital management - all from one platform. With this grant, we can develop sophisticated reporting enabling Executive teams and Boards to understand and assess how well they are doing to support employees' mental health and productivity.”

Danielle added: “Workers who have tested the product remarked on its capacity to help with stress management throughout the day without disrupting their work schedule. Meanwhile, managers were able to identify periods of heightened stress among teams and made adjustments to work practices, leading to lower stress levels and enhanced team productivity.

“With millions of words, baseline modelling and information scored by recognised experts in our database, we have a head start to creating a real impact on the positive mental health of employees everywhere. This is a pivotal moment for leaders to recognise and implement modern solutions, and we are ready and excited to help them,” said Danielle. 


The Startup Daily Show's Simon Thomsen and Danielle Owen Whitford caught up to discuss how the grant would assist Pioneera in developing Indie for Enterprise customers (click the image to watch Pioneera at 10 mins 44 seconds in)

Staryup Daily Show and Pioneera 

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