Podcast: The history of the Australian startup eco-system

Written by Chanie Hyde

The History of the Australian Startup Eco-System - Podcast

We are incredibly proud to be featured in the NEW 'The History of the Australian Startup Ecosystem' podcast, hosted by Adam Spencer and Day One FM.

Each ep will feature interviews with industry pioneers, entrepreneurs, and experts, as well as a deep dive into the events and cultural shifts that have shaped the Australian startup scene. From the dot-com boom to the rise of fintech, this podcast will provide a unique and informative look at the Australian startup ecosystem's past, present, and future.

Whether you're a seasoned #entrepreneur or just starting in the world of #startups, this podcast will provide valuable insights and inspiration, learning more about the trailblazers who have paved the way for today's innovators. Look out for our CEO and Founder, Danielle contributing her thoughts in episodes 4 & 5!

Episode 1

Explore the seed phase of the Australian startup ecosystem, tracing its roots to some of the earliest catalysts to what we see today. 

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Episode 2

Episode 2 begins in the aftermath of the dot com bust. They explore the story of LookSmart through the lens of its co-founder, Evan Thornley and the tough choices he had to make.

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Episode 3

Take a deep dive into the birth of the Australian startup ecosystem. Although everyone may have a different perspective on what caused this "Cambrian explosion", find out more about the seven critical catalysts in this episode. 

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Episode 4

Featuring Pioneera, this episode starts in September 2015, when Malcolm Turnbull was elected as the 29th Prime Minister of Australia—unveiling the National Innovation and Science Agenda as the cornerstone of his "Ideas Boom". Unpack the contents of this policy and explore the myriad of ways it impacted the startup ecosystem. 

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Episode 5

Featuring Pioneera, episode 5 begins during the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, which disrupted every facet of life as we knew it. As lockdowns and other measures were enacted throughout the country, different markets and industries were affected in different and sometimes unexpected ways. 

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Episode 6

So what does the future hold for the Australian startup ecosystem? After five episodes focused on the past, this episode tackles that question and looks towards the future. 

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