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The signs of employee burnout

Do you know the early warning signs that can indicate increased stress in your team members? 

Why managing employee burnout is important

Burnout is more than a buzzword. Burnout is complete mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion from chronic workplace stress. Left unchecked, it can have dire long-term personal health and business performance consequences.

What's more, under Australia's model work health and safety (WHS) laws, Australian businesses have a positive duty to do everything they reasonably can to prevent employee exposure to psychosocial hazards and risks. Your duty as a business leader is to comply with this model Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial hazards at work.

Do you know how to recognise burnout in employees?

Some team members may mention feeling burned out, which makes it easier, but how can you identify and help manage signs of burnout in those less likely to voice their personal mental health concerns? 

We’ve developed a list of crucial behaviour changes that can signal one of your team is struggling with their wellbeing. Register below to access this free resource and watch for changes in behaviour in yourself, team members and colleagues.


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Looking for data on employee burnout and mental health?

Did you know 40% of people said burnout was the reason they left their job in 2021? 🤯

We've pulled together data to help you prioritise budget, resources and education for better team mental health.


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