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Positive Productivity

We have noticed (and research backs this up), that as chronic stress rises in an individual, productivity falls.
Stressed people can’t work to their fullest capacity, as stress degrades their performance.
The solution to sustained high productivity and therefore business growth is simple. We call it "positive productivity".

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Positive productivity is the intersection of mental wellness and productivity

It enhances people’s ability to perform to their best, through improved resilience, capacity and focus because:
  • Resilience helps people deal with problems as they arise;
  • Capacity enables people to better manage increasing complexity;
  • Focus provides the ability to deliver good outcomes.
Pioneera's Partners and Advisors

Positive Productivity Score

Pioneera is leading the development of the Positive Productivity Score ('PPS'), which measures the capability of an individual to perform their best - in other words, to sustain high productivity - in real-time.
It moves the human qualities of resilience, capacity and focus from the theoretical into the practical, and enables them to be measured in real-time.

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Support right when it's needed

Using real-time assessment, we can provide instant support to improve welbeing and productivity, so everyone can unleash their potential. We do this in a safe and private way.

Our customers tell us their employee engagement is higher, productivity is higher and they retain more people in their teams for longer. More importantly, we help make people happier at work.

Why Pioneera?

Because we use the best of science, technology and innovation to help people and businesses outperform