Support remote and hybrid team mental health

For hybrid and remote workers, managers are the primary connection to their employer and play a significant role in the employee experience. So how do you effectively watch for and act on the signs of poor mental health, such as stress and burnout, when daily and in-person connections are limited?

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Indie sits within communication channels you already use

Track team stress in the communication channels you already use

Indie harnesses the power of AI to assess language in written text to pick up and act upon stress indicators in real-time.

The chatbot easily connects to communication channels like chat and emails to deliver nudges and private coaching to employees before they hit crisis mode. It's like having an employee dedicated to ensuring your remote team is supported and positively productive!

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FREE guide: Remote work and mental health stats

Did you know that Nearly 58% of leaders in Australia are concerned new employees aren’t getting the support they need since moving to hybrid or remote work?
On top of that, 71% of managers say they don’t have the influence or resources to make changes for employees.
We've pulled all the stats and facts into  a handy guide you can use to help prioritise team mental health.
Leading remote teams with better insights into Mental Health

Effective remote team leadership is in the data  

In Australia, 54% of team leaders worry that productivity is negatively impacted by remote or hybrid work. 
Indie provides visual insight into your team's daily Mental Health and productivity, with tips and coaching to improve your worst days and maximise the best!

Harness The Power of More Than 6M Data Points.

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