Free Resources for Managers

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

As a manager, you play a crucial role in fostering a healthy workplace, and having access to the right resources can make all the difference. Here are some free, valuable resources designed to help you improve your team's wellbeing and productivity.

National Mental Health Commission

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

  • The National Mental Health Commission has curated a comprehensive page dedicated to creating mentally healthy workplaces. Organised by the Australian government, this resource offers nationwide policies and information for maintaining a healthy work environment. It includes easily accessible resources tailored to various industries, roles, topics, and modules related to workplace health. 

Health Direct


  • Health Direct’s short article on meditation provides a concise 5-minute read that highlights the benefits of meditation for both physical and mental health. If you’re interested in introducing meditation to your team, this resource is particularly useful, as it explains different types of meditation and offers links to further content.


  • Incorporating exercise into daily routines can significantly benefit both physical and mental health. Health Direct offers resources on how to build exercise habits, along with the benefits of frequent exercise. The page includes additional resources from other organisations to help managers and employees integrate exercise into their routines. 

Work-life Balance

  • Managing work-life balance is crucial in today's hybrid work environment. Health Direct provides tips on balancing work and home life, identifying burnout symptoms, and managing them effectively. This resource includes 8 practical tips and related content to help managers and employees find a healthy work-life balance.

Safe Work Australia 

Psychosocial Hazards

  • Understanding psychosocial hazards is essential for managers who want to support their teams effectively. Safe Work Australia provides a national standard for identifying and managing these hazards. This resource outlines all identified psychosocial hazards, associated risks, and methods for management, helping managers better understand their role in this crucial aspect of workplace health. 

Workplace Health Law and Regulation

  • Understanding workplace health and safety laws is essential for managers. Safe Work Australia offers content on national regulations, including the latest codes of practice and acts related to psychosocial safety. This resource helps managers and organisations stay compliant and support their employees effectively.

Multicultural Health Communication Service

Mindfulness Activities

  • The Multicultural Health Communication Service offers a variety of short meditation and mindfulness exercises that can be done anywhere. These activities come in video form and are available in available in 8 languages including English, making them accessible to a diverse workforce. The content includes introductory videos about mindfulness and its benefits.


Improving Communication Skills

  • Effective communication is key to a productive workplace. Slack's article on improving communication skills provides practical methods for enhancing remote working skills and features specific content related to Slack’s messaging service. This resource is valuable for managers looking to boost their team's communication abilities. 


By leveraging these free resources, you can create a healthier, more productive work environment. Whether it's through mindfulness activities, understanding psychosocial hazards, or improving communication skills, these tools can help you support your team's wellbeing and drive success. Coach Indie will also use these tools from time to time when she supports you and your team to positive productivity and strong performance. 

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