How to get the most out of Coach Indie's Tips for you

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

Welcome to our Tip Guide!

Today, I'll show you how to maximise the benefits of our tips to enhance your wellbeing and boost productivity. Think of this example as a template for getting the most out of all of your future tips.

I’ll use an example of a tip I might send to help you better manage stress at work. 

Situation: You’ve just received a new tip notification! 

Individual Tip 1

Your Action Options

  1. Reflect: Read the tip and think about the last few weeks. Do you have set start and end times for your workday? 
  2. Learn More: Click the button in the tip to dive deeper into the topic. In this example, discover how setting boundaries can help reduce workplace stress and explore additional strategies to manage work-related stress effectively.
  3. Plan: Consider communicating your working hours with your team and manager in your next time meeting, or via email. Use status indicators in tools like Slack and Gmail to indicate when you are 'available' and 'away'. 
  4. Feedback: Use the thumbs up or down to let us know if the tip was useful. Favourite any tips in your dashboard for easy reference later! 


  • Perhaps you are more able to disconnect from work better now, leading to better relaxation and sleep quality, and a healthier work-life balance. 
  • Or maybe you noticed after setting boundaries with your team that your communication and collaboration is enhanced, creating a more supportive work environment.

  • Or it may take a few more tips before you put any of them into practice, and that's ok! 

Quick Impact 

Every time you read a tip you are learning. That's why engaging with our tips requires minimal time but can significantly influence your wellbeing and over time.

Apply This Approach 

Use this example as a model for interacting with future tips. The process is designed to be simple yet effective, ensuring that with each tip, you gain actionable insights to further improve your productivity and wellbeing.

Keep Engaging! 

Embrace these tips! They are designed to improve both your wellbeing and productivity. As you interact with more tips, you'll see a substantial positive impact.

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