How is your company’s wellbeing? Really?

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

We know how challenging it can be to get actual data about your team's mental health and wellbeing, yet it's frustratingly hard to start the conversation without it!

Does this sound familiar? You’re an HR manager with 300 employees across multiple states. You know that stress and burnout are rising, as you had to put three fires out last week. Yet, you don’t have any real-time data to help you identify when and where it will happen again. Your organisational health check helped you to pinpoint wellbeing, stress and productivity levels and work toward addressing them.

"We didn't know that most of our team felt rested less than half the time and pointed out that they felt their problems were piling up about 40% of the time! Now we can work to address these issues."  Pioneera customer, 2022

This health assessment (valued at $2,500) provides 3-4 critical insights managers need to know to prevent burnout whilst maintaining performance. Close the gap with insights into team mental health wellbeing, stress levels and productivity that most employee surveys miss.


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The Wellbeing Lab 2019-2022 Workplace Report on the State of Wellbeing in Australian Workplaces is here!

We are a proud research partner for this latest report, which compares the data collected from Australian workers in early September 2022 with the previous surveys from 2019, August 2020, and May 2021.

Three surprising truths about wellbeing were discovered that include:

  • Workers’ resilience levels are waning. More than two-thirds of workers (68.5%) felt burned out.

  • There is a crisis for meaningful work unfolding. Only 39.1% of workers said their work was valuable and worthwhile, versus 47% in 2021

  • Many workplaces are wasting their wellbeing investments. Workplaces have too much invested in EAP services and not enough in more effective tools that workers are more comfortable accessing, like Wellbeing Artificial Intelligence Bots, Apps, Workshops and Coaching.

Download the report here.

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