How we help your company meet UN Sustainable Development Goal 8.

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

The central SDG (sustainable development goals) for the UN that Pioneera can help to support is specific to goal eight.

Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work.

The eighth Global Goal aims to tackle economic recovery, employee productivity and unemployment.

Our flagship product, Indie, helps teams to reduce stress and burnout in the workplace, which is intrinsically tied to Goal 8 and directly promotes full and productive employment.

Measurement and awareness is the key to preventing workplace stress and burnout because:

💡Stressed and burned-out employees cannot achieve productivity or high levels of wellbeing.

It might seem like an obvious statement, but people cannot be expected to reach high productivity levels if they are also experiencing high levels of mental distress. It can only lead to disengagement or “quiet quitting” at best and burnout at worst.


💡You can’t help promote wellbeing at work without first measuring wellbeing.

It would be impossible to help your people to be happier, healthier and more productive without having a benchmark or understanding of their current stress, wellbeing and productivity levels. Employee engagement surveys can be a great indicator of employee stress levels but often aren’t timely enough to help someone who has hit crisis levels.

Our AI Chat Bot Indie can help you promote full and productive employment for everyone by providing measurement and real-time assistance:

1: Personalised nudges and coaching: Indie uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Analysis to evaluate language in written text. Once connected, the program sits in the background and assesses communication channels for signs of stress and wellness. Indie will proactively message a user if it notices something concerning or something to celebrate!

 Some examples of the manager and individual nudges and coaching Indie delivers:Indie Personalised Nudges Reduce Employee Stress


2: Manager dashboard: Get an overview of the days and hours that team members are most and least productive and exhibiting signs of stress so you can take action. Knowing which days are the most stressful for your team can be a game changer for adopting fundamental changes that you can see the results of in real time.

See the direct results of efforts to improve the wellbeing of your team with a day-by-day overview:

improve the wellbeing of your team


3: Real-time help: Stress is hard to discuss openly at work. Reaching team members before they arrive in crisis mode can be difficult if you rely on quarterly surveys or individual uptake to an EAP program. This has become harder with the rise of Hybrid Working, providing more of a disconnection between team members and the office.

Track organisational stress over time with the Indie Average Wellness and Stress Dashboard:Track organisational stress over time


As companies focus on providing higher levels of wellbeing at work in line with the UN SDG goals, we are excited to see how much mental health and wellbeing increase. With some assistance from technical solutions, we can arrive one step closer to the goal of ensuring happier, healthier teams and workplaces.

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