Preventing workplace harm through digital services

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

Safework NSW today announced two new research projects to help working people overcome language barriers while accessing safety information and preventing employee burnout.

The Centre for Work Health and Safety has partnered with digital innovators Talk 5 and Pioneera as part of a new program exploring how app-based interventions can reduce harm in workplaces.

Head of SafeWork NSW Natasha Mann said while there are many variables on worksites across NSW, most workers will have access to some form of technology, whether on a phone, a notebook computer, or other device.

"This public private partnership combines science, technology and evidence in a bid to deliver better outcomes for employees and businesses,” Ms Mann said “The Centre is working with these two New South Wales based businesses to leverage their ground-breaking safety ideas with a focus on practical solutions.”

Danielle Owen Whitford, Founder & CEO of Pioneera said the use of smart technologies, such as AI can help employers detect and prevent burnout in teams. 

“Pioneera aims to create workplaces where both employees and employers have the right insights and tools to be healthier, happier and more productive at work,” Ms Owen Whitford said. The Pioneera app features an animated AI assistant, Indie, that delivers stress management tips, or ‘nudges’, to workers in real-time as needed.”

We are building the future of work through delivering Positive Productivity, combining technology and psychology for the health of people, companies and Australia.

Director Centre for Work Health and Safety Skye Buatava said the Centre for Work Health and Safety is working with diverse stakeholders to develop quality solutions to work health and safety problems.

“There are so many untapped ideas to solve common WHS issues just sitting in the minds of people who are on the frontline. We want to work with those people to create safer workplaces,” Ms Buatava said. 

Read the press release and details of the research project for more information.

Learn more about the Centre for Work Health and Safety and SafeWork


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