Boosting Female Founder - yes we are 💃 !

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

We were thrilled to find out in Jan that we were the recipients of the 2022 Boosting Female Founders (BFF) Grant. This is a federal government grant to support female-owned/founded businesses that often find it hard to get funding. The total pool of $11.6 million was divided amongst the 38 recipients. These were chosen after 2500 expressions of interest!

We are thrilled to be a recipient this year, along with many other amazing female-led businesses. We will use our Grant to accelerate what our customers have been asking us for:

  1. Make Indie proactive! Starting this year, you won’t need to come to the dashboard to see how you are, Indie will message you when it thinks you need some help or reinforce when you’re on fire.

  2. We’re expanding our Slack and Microsoft Office 365 email API’s to include Google Workspace. Welcome to the family Google!

  3. Improve our insights to give greater tips, individual benchmarking and reduce stress

  4. streamline our customer and user experience to delight our users

“This support is not only financial, but sends a very strong signal to us, our customers and the market that we’re heading in the right direction and truly helping achieve our purpose. It also gives us the means to accelerate many of the features customers have been asking us for. I am thrilled!” said our Founder & CEO Danielle Owen Whitford

We will use the grant to support our growth and extend our team.

We’re hiring some new roles in Marketing and engineering, so if you’re keen to come and join us, now is the time. Check out our careers page!!

And if you’re not a marketing or engineer then keep an eye on our careers page as we keep growing.

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