I'm managing my stress 🙌 - how about you??

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

We’ve all had a situation where those around us are stressed.

The research shows us that stress is contagious and when we’re absorbing others’ stress it feels like ours. Even if we’re doing a great job at implementing wellbeing activities (self pat on the back here!), sometimes other things can creep in and impact our workplace wellbeing.

Chronic stress leads to burnout which can lead to the Great Resignation!

So today @Pioneera we wanted to share 3 tips to help you manage the impact of stress around you:

  1. Ensure you maintain your wellbeing techniques and dial up what you need. In my situation yesterday, I increased my positive self talk and breathing exercise to help me reframe and release any stress that I was holding in my body.


  2. Remove yourself from the situation - literally!!! I donned my sun hat and went out for a spontaneous walk and coffee with a colleague in the middle of the day to change my environment and get some space. It also completely changed my mental state so I was refreshed and ready to go.


  3. Support your colleague by showing compassion and listening. I tend to want to solve other people’s problems, so I’ve been focusing on compassion rather than empathy. It’s helped me better help others learn how to deal with their stress, rather than solving problems for them.

Helping yourself is the best way to help others

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