Bye Bye chronic stress, it's time to go 👋

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

We were super impressed with Lotus People and their leaders David Drew and Sinead Connolly when we first met them. Lotus People, a boutique recruitment agency in Sydney already had a very strong focus on wellbeing.

“Lotus already had regular check-ins, wellbeing activities and alot of support,” said Chloe Jones of Lotus people, who became the Pioneera champion at Lotus.  “We felt well supported during the lockdown and all the uncertainty it created”.

Pioneera’s real-time AI bot found strong productivity at Lotus people, which was consistent with their business results. However, as the team became busier due to the Great Resignation, Pioneera’s platform found a worrying trend of chronic stress rising quickly.

“We noticed that chronic stress grew quickly after Christmas, which was the same time the employment market really took off and candidates became harder to find. The lunchtime recovery wasn’t happening at all, or if it was, it at 4pm,” said Chloe.

Work days got longer, stress got higher and people were more frustrated

Pioneera’s Indie dashboard, with stress and wellness trends can help your team detect and act on chronic stress to keep the team healthy and high performing

This was unexpected and can be a worrying combination, so Lotus took immediate action.

“I immediately found a Pioneera champion in the permanent team so we could understand both areas of the business. Sarah and I followed the data very closely to understand when and where chronic stress was happening. We then mapped that against workflow and demand across several teams and started to notice cause and effect that we could action.” 

“Chronic stress tracked perfectly to workload, which wasn’t a surprise. But what was a surprise was that it was taking longer to achieve a successful outcome and thus we were celebrating less. We noticed a direct impact of lack of celebration on stress and wellbeing.

This should have been obvious, but we only noticed it when Pioneera’s Indie bot pointed it out.

This gave us a chance to celebrate a bit more and improve our wellbeing and productivity. We could also find ways of doing things that saved us time and helped us have more stress recovery” said Chloe.

Chronic stress can destroy businesses if not actioned, but Chloe, Sarah and Lotus people didn’t allow this to happen, their immediate action ensured chronic stress was turned into productivity which was good for Lotus People and their clients.

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