What’s hot in tech 2022 - 5 key learnings 📣

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

Thank you Louise Ford, who MC’d the 26th session on Creating Pathways for Women in Project Delivery joined by Anne-Marie Birkill of OneVentures and our very own CEO Danielle Owen Whitford to cover what’s hot in tech. It was a beautiful collaboration of people and tech, organised by Seven Consulting.

It might have been a rainy and cold night in Sydney, but it was a hot night for tech!

Some of the key topics that were discussed

  1. AI will be critical for project delivery now and in the future, as it enables projects and organisations to move more quickly and achieve great outcomes;

  2. Don't be afraid of the technology!! ☄️We will always need people in projects and the tech won’t replace project delivery leaders. Tech will augment those in this space and enable them to do more complex work that technology can’t do;

  3. Data from AI is powerful and can help organisations achieve stronger project delivery outcomes. We discussed how organisations can take the journey to become more data-driven;

  4. Don't get left behind! Educate yourself on what’s happening in tech so you can be part of the conversation and lead by example in your organisation/project. There are lots of education options out there these days, including podcasts, websites, online training and also your own organisation;

  5. The capabilities for project delivery leaders will evolve to augment tech. Project leaders will continue to need strong leadership, interpersonal, innovative and complex thinking capabilities. The hot jobs in projects include data scientists and software engineers to build and operate the tech.

Overall, the panel agreed it was an exciting time to be a project delivery professional and to embrace technology to help us all do our jobs better.

We talked about how Pioneera helps project leaders and businesses use AI to improve productivity and reduce burnout, check out our online demo!! 


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