8 Tips for preventing workplace stress

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

It’s no secret that there’s a strong link between wellness, stress, and workplace productivity.

But bombarding people about how stressed you are is only going to add fuel to the fire, impacting your team’s well-being and productivity. What’s more, stress doesn’t always disappear when you leave the office. It can also impact loved ones at home.

So what can you do?

If your team is suffering due to workplace stress, consider opening up a dialogue. Now, this isn’t to compile a list of complaints. Rather, focus on sharing ideas for how to move forward to manage stress in the workplace.

Use Indie to track and recognise unhealthy stress in your team to provide support when and how they need it.

Remember, it’s easier to prevent stress than to cure it and that is how Indie works.

8 ideas to help prevent stress in your workplace

  1. Talk to your team about how they are feeling and how you can help them. A simple “how are you today” with eye contact goes a very long way

  2. Set clear, realistic expectations for tasks and projects to avoid stress due to confusion or overwork

  3. Provide access to necessary tools and resources to help your team feel supported in their tasks. These could be time management resources, communications resources or other things

  4. Help your team find meaningful tasks and challenges with a high level of autonomy to boost engagement through intrinsic motivation

  5. Change the physical environment to create a more productive and friendly workspace. Have you considered plants, inspirational quotes or engaging your team in a fun photo wall?

  6. Opportunities for further learning and career advancement

  7. Encourage breaks when necessary to ensure your team is able to remove themselves from a stressful situation and return with renewed focus

  8. Celebrate small wins to keep your team feeling good, and achieving together

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