How do I tell my team about Indie?

Written by Danielle Owen Whitford

We’ve built Indie with privacy and transparency at its core, so Indie will say “Hi” when you’ve connected her to your communications and ask for your team to provide consent to use Indie. Explaining Indie to your team gives everyone the chance to understand the system, why it’s been installed and how it can help you all prevent burnout and create positive mental health in a safe, private and confidential way. It will also help your team feel comfortable to give consent to Indie.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Talk to your team about mental wellness in the workplace and why it’s important to you and the team;

  2. Perhaps share some examples of what you’ve done in the past or what you want to do to bring wellness into your workplace;

  3. Share with them that you’ve installed Indie and why you want to use it. Share some of our success stories from our blogs;

  4. Help your team understand why this is good for them and the team. Some things we’ve heard from our customers include:

    1. Indie gives me a sense of when I can help my team;

    2. I am not sure what to do to help people, so the tips from Indie really help;

    3. Indie gives me peace of mind that if something is happening it can help me see it and then I can do something about it;

    4. When the team is healthy and well they achieve their goals more easily;

    5. We want to attract the best talent; Indie helps me create a workplace where people want to join and stay.

  5. Here is a communication example you might want to use with your team:


We know everyone is under a lot of pressure and sometimes that’s hard to manage. Too much stress is harmful, and I don’t want that for our workplace.

So we have found a solution called Indie, to help us understand and manage our stress and create positive mental health.

Indie is like a spell checker for mental health. It’s a bot that we connect Slack/Microsoft email. It doesn’t read your messages, it is simply programmed to look for the words and phrases Dr’s know are early signs of stress and wellness. Indie is working with other companies in reducing stress, preventing burnout in their workplace and improving engagement.

You don’t need to do anything other than go about your everyday work. There are no questions or disruptions to your day. Indie works with all of us individually in a safe, confidential and private way. You choose how it works for you.

Indie helps me understand the team patterns and trends in stress and wellness and gives me tips to help create a great workplace. All of the team data Indie shares with me is done in an anonymous way, so I can’t see who is stressed or when - I just see macro trends so I can improve our workplace without you having to tell me.

Indie can also work with you as individuals to help you understand your stress and wellness and she gives you tips to help reduce it and prevent burnout. This is entirely your choice, but we recommend you use Indie to get the best of yourself too.

We’ve connected Indie so we can create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. Together.


We recommend you show everyone the team information from Indie in our live dashboard demo. Then everyone sees people cannot be picked out in the team data or targeted by anyone. Our users have consistently told us that maintaining their privacy is critical. Teams that have started with the whole team engaged and using Indie together regularly have gotten the best benefits.

We also have a full presentation pack with various team briefing templates and comms that we are happy to share and discuss with you so that you can set Indie up for success. Simply contact us at and we can send you our onboarding materials!

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